Explore our two toolkits, created to share research, tools and insights to support the leadership of flexible and inclusive workplaces

Flexible Workplaces Toolkit

We have created a toolkit to support the effective implementation and leadership of flexible workplaces. Get started by learning what workplace flexibility is and why it matters, before working to create a strategy and policy for your own workplace. We can then help you stay on track with tools to manage any challenges and our measurement guides.




Inclusion Toolkit

Here you can learn what it means to have an inclusive workplace, how people feel when they are working in an inclusive environment and what steps you can take to create your own.

We also tackle the issue of unconscious bias. No matter how well-meaning we are, we all have in-built biases. And it’s little slips like the language we use at work that mean we unintentionally exclude or favour our colleagues. We want to encourage people to acknowledge and address this, together. Check out our #itsnotthathard videos to get started.






"An inclusive workplace culture is one where we strive to value and include every individual and where we celebrate our unique differences."

Sonia Breeze, Deloitte



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We support recruitment and development pathways to promote diversity in leadership.