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2018-19 Work Plan

Our 2018-19 Work Plan outlines our strategic areas of focus for the year ahead.


Developing a workplace flexibility policy

Download this fact sheet on developing a workplace flexibility policy.

Case for Change presentation

Case for Change (infographic presentation)

This presentation summarises the business benefits of inclusion and diversity, complete with supporting infographics.

Evolution of work

Evolution of work

The way we work is changing. Download this infographic illustrating the evolution of work.

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2018 Event Calendar

Our 2018-19 calendar details upcoming events for Champions and their organisations.

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Why do employees want flexibility

Download the infographic on why employees want flexibility.

Diversity Reporting Guidelines

Diversity Reporting Guidelines

This document provides the guidelines on how to report against the Diversity Reporting Framework.

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Flexible working at ANZ

ANZ believes that flexible working is critical to enabling their strategy

Reporting Framework

Diversity Reporting Framework

This document provides the standardised process and framework for reporting on gender and ethnicity.

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2018 Progress Report

Our Progress Report summarises our individual efforts in raising the value of diversity.

Question Pack

Diversity Reporting Question Pack

This document provides the specific questions, process and template for data collection.

Fonterra: Ways of working

Giving people more freedom and choice in how, when and where they work.

Data Submission Template

Diversity Reporting Data Submission Template

This is the excel template used to record collated company data for submission.

PwC Case Study

PwC: How we do Flexible Working

One of the keys to ensuring diversity in the workforce is to allow for flexible...

working flexibly

Working flexibly is flexible

Download the infographic on understanding workplace flexibility.

Certification of Accuracy

Diversity Reporting Certification of Accuracy

This Certification of Accuracy should be signed by the Champion, to endorse diversity data as...

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Diversity Dividend Report

A Deloitte Access Economics report for Westpac that has broadened the research and conversation about...

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How to attract and retain the best talent

Create diverse and inclusive work environment which provides flexible offerings

Why have

Why have workplace flexibility

Download this fact sheet on why workplace flexibility is essential

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NZ Legislation and workplace flexibility

Download further details on workplace flexibility and NZ legislation.

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Flexibility and wellness

Download this fact sheet on workplace flexibility and wellness.

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WGEA Flexibility Business Case Guide

Learn more about building your business case for flexible work through workforce metrics.

What is

What is workplace flexibility?

Download this fact sheet on understanding workplace flexibility.


Developing a workplace flexibility strategy

Download this fact sheet on developing a workplace flexibility strategy.

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Flexibility metrics and reporting

This fact sheet and question set is designed as a guide to begin to understand...

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Guidance on Flex-Able Communication

Example guide for setting up communication tools to manage expectations.

Flexible work Employment New Zealand

Guidance on flexible working arrangements

Employment New Zealand guidance on expectations of employers.

Employment Relations Act 2000 No 24 as at 01 July 2017 Public Act Part6AA Flexible working New Zealand Legislation

Flexible working: Full legislative provisions

Legislative provisions of the Employment Relations Act 2000 No 24.

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Leading a flexible working environment

Download this fact sheet on leading a flexible working environment.

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Example policy A

Download this example workplace flexibility policy.

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Example policy B

Download this example workplace flexibility policy.

9 tips to improve your work life balance thumb

9 tips to improve your work-place balance

Learn more about top work-life balance tips.

Bain Company article thumb

Bain & Company: The Power of Flexibility

The way we work today is fundamentally different than how we worked a decade...

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Why the four-day week is good for business

In a bid to boost productivity, Andrew Barnes announced a six-week trial of a four-day...

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Company gives staff five-hour workday

The nine-to-five status quo is being challenged by a number of firms on both sides...


More women on public boards

Membership of all state sector boards will be evenly represented by women and men by...

Gender pay gap

Ministry for Women: Gender pay gap

In March 2017, the Ministry for Women released the research, Empirical evidence of the gender...

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Managing flexible teams in the public sector

Two case studies that look at managing flexible teams in the public sector.

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Case for Change (presentation with notes)

This presentation summarises the case for change, with supporting notes and references.

Diversity Matrix2

The Diversity Matrix

Updating What Diversity Means for Discrimination Laws in the 21st Century


Tools to build a diverse workplace

Building a diverse workforce is no longer a nice to have but a core proponent...


Delivering through diversity

Our latest research reinforces the link between diversity and company financial performance—and suggests how organizations...