Introducing Gabriel

Gabriel Makhlouf is the Treasury Secretary and the Government’s chief economic and financial adviser.

Co-Vice Chair of Champions for Change, he is, with Inland Revenue Commissioner Naomi Ferguson, co-lead of the public service’s diversity and inclusion (D&I) work programme.

Closely involved with advancing good practice across both the public and private sectors, he is committed to establishing the Treasury as an exemplar of all things D&I.

It’s fair to suggest that, in addition to having a ‘helicopter view’ on opportunities and challenges across a range of sectors, Gabriel has a role in influencing how effective D&I practices can be shaped. And he is, of course, an advocate.

‘Being a diverse and inclusive organisation makes us stronger, more resilient, and insightful.  It helps us to understand the present, better anticipate the challenges and opportunities that may arise in the future, and better manage the pace, complexity and cross-cutting nature of change. Inclusive diversity in all its forms is at the core of our continued success as an organisation’.

Insights from Gabriel Makhlouf

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